Exede Now Offers EasyCare Program

  • By John Pearce
  • 14 Jul, 2016

Exede Internet offers an extra level of support for your Exede or WildBlue service at a low monthly price. 

It’s called   EasyCare.   Here’s what you get:

  • Service calls (normally $95 each):   Whatever the problem may be, EasyCare customers get all required service calls without charge. That’s an average of $95 saved per visit.
  • Priority customer support:   Skip to the front of the line! EasyCare customers get access to a special Customer Care hotline for priority support and shorter wait times.
  • Annual dish relocation:   Remodeling your home? Planting a new tree? We’ll move your Exede dish to a different location at the same service address up to once a year, for no additional charge.

With EasyCare there’s no stress or pressure. You can   cancel anytime,* plus new internet customers pay nothing   for their first 3 months of added protection. It’s simple to join. Just call and tell us you’d like to add EasyCare to your service plan. Then take it easy, knowing your service is protected.

EasyCare costs only $5.99/mo. (in addition to your regular Exede Internet service plan fees). Just give us a call at  877-331-8295

* If you terminate EasyCare within 90 days after subscribing, we may bill you for service call charges that would have been applicable if you had not subscribed to EasyCare. If you terminate an EasyCare subscription, you may not be eligible to re-subscribe for 180 days following termination. EasyCare features are subject to the terms and conditions of the Exede EasyCare Plan Addendum to your Customer Agreement. Not available in Alaska or Hawaii.

Exede EasyCare Plan Addendum

This Exede EasyCare Plan Addendum is between you and ViaSat, Inc. and is separate and different from any other commitment you may have made with ViaSat and is fully enforceable under these terms.
If you have purchased your Equipment from ViaSat's predecessor-in-interest, WildBlue Communications, Inc., or are otherwise not subject to the Lease Addendum, ViaSat’s Exede EasyCare Plan (“EasyCare Plan”) is not available to you, and these terms do not apply to you.
The EasyCare Plan is not available to residents of Alaska and Hawaii.
1. Applicability. If you leased your modem, antenna and transceiver (“Equipment” as defined above) pursuant to the Lease Addendum and subscribe to the EasyCare Plan, the terms of this EasyCare Plan apply to you.
2. EasyCare Plan Services.
A. VIP 24/7 Customer Service. You will receive ViaSat’s 24/7 telephone customer support on a priority basis through a dedicated EasyCare Plan subscriber telephone number (“EasyCare Number”).
B. Service Calls. If you experience difficulty with your Equipment that ViaSat, in its sole discretion, determines requires a service call to resolve, ViaSat will waive ViaSat’s standard service call charge.
C. Antenna Re-Pointing. If ViaSat, in its sole discretion, determines that the antenna included with your Equipment requires re-pointing, ViaSat will re-point your antenna at no charge.
D. Wiring Reconnection/Repair/Replacement Service. If ViaSat, in its sole discretion, determines that there is a problem with the wiring that connects the antenna and the modem included with your Equipment, ViaSat will, at ViaSat’s option, reconnect, repair or replace the affected wiring at no charge if your Equipment was installed through a standard installation. A charge may apply to non-standard installations.
E. Antenna and Transceiver Relocation Service. At your request, or if ViaSat, in its sole discretion, determines that it is required in order for you to continue receiving Internet Service, ViaSat will remove and reinstall on your premises the antenna and transceiver included with your Equipment. Antenna and transceiver relocation service is limited to one relocation per year at the same residential address at which you are then receiving Internet Service. Antenna and transceiver relocation service under the EasyCare Plan does not include relocation of your Equipment to a new residential address. A charge may apply to antenna and transceiver relocation service involving non-standard installations.
3. Term and Cancellation.
A. Term. Subject to the terms and conditions of this EasyCare Plan Addendum, the term of your EasyCare Plan subscription begins on the day you subscribe to the EasyCare Plan and shall remain in effect for as long as you continue to subscribe to the EasyCare Plan, remain in good standing with ViaSat and comply with the terms and conditions of the Agreement (including, without limitation, the terms and conditions of this EasyCare Plan Addendum).
B. Termination or Suspension by ViaSat. ViaSat may immediately, and without notice, suspend or terminate your subscription to the EasyCare Plan: (i) if your Internet Service is cancelled, terminated or suspended for any reason; (ii) if you do not timely pay ViaSat any amount due or payable in connection with this Agreement; or (iii) if a hazard or danger to person or property prevents ViaSat from performing any work during a service call, as determined by ViaSat in its sole discretion.
C. Termination by You. The EasyCare Plan is optional and you may terminate your EasyCare Plan subscription at any time by calling ViaSat customer service at 1-855-463-9333 or at the EasyCare Number. ViaSat will not process your request to terminate the EasyCare Plan subscription if you request termination by email or chat. If you terminate your EasyCare Plan subscription during your monthly billing period, you will receive a prorated refund of the EasyCare Plan fee you prepaid for the month in which you terminate your EasyCare Plan subscription. If you terminate your EasyCare Plan subscription within ninety (90) days after subscribing, ViaSat may charge you for any service call charges that would have been applicable to you if you had not subscribed to the EasyCare Plan. Additionally, if you terminate your subscription to the EasyCare Plan, you may not be eligible to re-subscribe for a period of at least one hundred eighty (180) days following termination, as determined by ViaSat in its sole discretion.
4. Exclusions. This EasyCare Plan applies solely to your Equipment and provides no coverage with respect to any of your property (including, without limitation, your television, telephone, fax machine, router, computer, mobile device, or any data, program or application stored on any of such items) or the use of such property. Without limitation, the EasyCare Plan does not apply to, or provide you with any benefits for, any of the following:
 Any Equipment problems existing prior to the beginning of your EasyCare Plan subscription;
 Collision of the Equipment with, or explosion of, another object that damages the Equipment;
 Unauthorized repairs to, or improper installation of the Equipment by anyone other than ViaSat or a ViaSat-authorized service provider;
 Any items attached or connected to the Equipment, other than for a wiring service requested by you and performed by us pursuant to Section 2.D. of this EasyCare Plan Addendum;
 Equipment located outside of ViaSat’s service area in the Continental United States and Alaska;
 Internal software and Equipment components not essential to basic functionality of the Equipment;
 Transportation damage to the Equipment;
 Improper Equipment modifications;
 Damage to the Equipment as a result of fire, flood, earthquake, rodent/insect damage, mold, water leaks, or any other natural causes;
 Any wear and tear, deterioration or defect in the materials of, or any defect in the workmanship or skills relating to, the Equipment;
 Damage to the Equipment as a result of a power surge or power interruption;
 Accidental damage to the Equipment from handling;
 Any damages or expenses relating to a loss of use of the Equipment;
 Equipment used in contravention of the terms and conditions of the Agreement, including, without limitation, Equipment used in a commercial setting;
 Assistance with computer technical issues;
 Cosmetic blemishes or imperfections on the exterior of the Equipment; or
 Expenses incurred as a result of the removal or relocation of Equipment, except when such service is requested by you and performed by us pursuant to Section 2.E. of this EasyCare Plan Addendum.
Version 5.5 Page 10 of 14
5. Your Promises and Assurances. At all times during your EasyCare Plan subscription, you agree to:
 Fully cooperate with, and disclose all relevant information to, ViaSat customer service agents and authorized service providers during the diagnosis and replacement of your Equipment;
 Provide adequate access to your Equipment to ViaSat and its authorized service providers during normal business hours;
 Provide ViaSat and its authorized service providers with a non-threatening and safe environment in which to perform ViaSat’s obligations under this EasyCare Plan Addendum during each service call, if any;
 Not mislead, defraud or make any misrepresentation to ViaSat or any ViaSat authorized service provider; and
 Not falsify any documents or records related to the subject matter of the Agreement.

International Satellite & Antenna Service Blog

By John Pearce 28 Oct, 2017

Ocala, Florida, October 27, 2017 – DISH recently designated International Satellite & Antenna Service as a “Premier Local Retailer,” the company’s highest honor for businesses that demonstrate excellence in performance and customer experience.


Following a highly selective process, International Satellite & Antenna Service joins the top five percent of authorized DISH retailers in the Premier program. As a result, customers in Central Florida have a front-row seat to experience the latest products, announcements and offers available from DISH.


“International Satellite & Antenna Services truly tuned in to the needs and preferences of customers in the greater Ocala area, and we are proud to have them join our Premier program,” said Amir Ahmed, DISH senior vice president for Indirect Sales. “Premier Local Retailers are a crucial part of our business, serving as trusted partners who help us better serve our customers, together.”


“Our goal is to provide our customers with the best entertainment and home technology experience at the greatest value,” said John Pearce, President of International Satellite. “We could not have reached Premier Local Retailer status without the support and loyalty of our customers, and your voice will continue to be the most important as we partner with DISH to deliver the best experience possible.”


To learn more about International satellite & Antenna Service or to demo the latest offerings from DISH and Sling TV, visit www.newdish.tv .


About DISH

DISH Network Corp. (NASDAQ:DISH), through its subsidiaries, provides approximately 13.528 million pay-TV subscribers, as of March 31, 2017, with the highest-quality programming and technology with the most choices at the best value. DISH offers a high definition line-up with more than 200 national HD channels, the most international channels and award-winning HD and DVR technology. DISH Network Corporation is a Fortune 200 company. Visit www.dish.com .



About [International Satellite & Antenna Service

International Satellite & Antenna Service is one of the Nation’s Oldest and Largest Satellite TV, Satellite Internet and HDTV Antenna Dealers.

Founded in 1983 by John Pearce, a pioneer in the direct to home satellite industry, International Satellite was among the first U.S. satellite companies recognized by the United States Department of Commerce for publication in Commercial News U.S.A.

International Satellite has received numerous awards and recognition from companies like DirecTV, Dish Network, WildBlue, Uniden and General Instrument for being one of the Nation’s Top Retailers. Recently, International Satellite & Antenna Service received the Ocala Star Banner’s Best of the Best, Voters Choice Award for 2017 in the IT division.

International Satellite & Antenna Service’s showroom is located 3 miles west of I-75 in State Road 200 in the Jasmine Plaza. Their phones are answered after hours by their on-duty technician 7 days a week/ 365 days a year.


For additional information about DSIH or International Satellite & Antenna Service contact John Pearce at 1-800-331-8295 or email isa@mfi.net

By John Pearce 28 Oct, 2017

100 Hours of Content Anywhere
The HopperGO can store up to 100 hours of content for offline viewing, allowing you to save space on your mobile device. 

Connect to All of Your Devices
The HopperGO can connect with up to 5 devices so your whole family can enjoy TV on the go. 

Built-In Battery
With its built-in battery, the HopperGO can last for 4 hours and is easily recharged through any USB port

By John Pearce 28 Oct, 2017

HughesNet Gen5 Delivers True FCC-Defined Broadband, Attracts New Customers In Every Continental U.S. State

Germantown, Md., June 5, 2017—Hughes Network Systems, LLC (HUGHES) today announced its recently launched HughesNet Gen5 satellite Internet service has reached a major milestone in just two months – now serving more than 100,000 homes and small businesses, including both new subscribers and upgrades, and subscribers in every continental U.S. state have been connected to the service.

Launched in late March 2017, new customers to HughesNet Gen5 are experiencing faster speeds, more data, built-in Wi-Fi and an overall improved Internet experience. HughesNet Gen5 is the first and only U.S. satellite Internet service to offer Federal Communications Commission (FCC) defined broadband speeds – 25 Mbps download and 3 Mbps upload – from coast-to-coast.

“The new HughesNet Gen5 is meeting the need for high-speed Internet in households and small businesses across the country – especially in areas underserved or unserved by ‘traditional’ wired Internet,” said Mike Cook, executive vice president at Hughes. “Everyone has the right to high- speed Internet access and Hughes is proud to bring fast, reliable Internet to all households coast-to-coast across America, no matter where they live or work.”

Early customer responses show they are enjoying higher satisfaction and improved performance from the new HughesNet Gen5 service. According to Joe K. from Illinois, “I’ve seen a big boost in performance with HughesNet Gen5, giving me the true broadband speeds I’ve wanted. The overall experience is just a lot better.”

HughesNet is America’s #1 choice for satellite Internet with more than one million subscribers nationwide. HughesNet Gen5 is available in a variety of affordable consumer and business plans to suit customer’s specific needs. Plans range from 10 to 250 GB/month of data with the same fast speeds of 25 Mbps on every plan. Additional features include: 

• Built-in Wi-Fi to easily connect wireless devices
• No hard data limits – if monthly plan data is exceeded, service continues at a reduced speed until the next billing cycle
• Video Data Saver to watch more videos using less data
• Bonus Zone – 50 GB of free data per month to use during off-peak hours (2 a.m. - 8 a.m.)

HughesNet Gen5, recently named the winner of a Gold Stevie® Award in the Consumer Services category in the 15th annual American Business Awards, is available through a nationwide network of dealers and sales agents, as well as directly through www.HughesNet.com .

About Hughes Network Systems
Hughes Network Systems, LLC (HUGHES) is the global leader in broadband satellite technology and services for home and office. Its flagship high-speed satellite Internet service is HughesNet®, the world’s largest satellite network with over 1 million residential and business customers across North America and Brazil. For large enterprises and governments, the company’s HughesON® managed network services provide complete connectivity solutions employing an optimized mix of satellite and terrestrial technologies. The JUPITER™ System is the world’s most widely deployed High-Throughput Satellite (HTS) platform, operating on more than 20 satellites by leading service providers, delivering a wide range of broadband enterprise, mobility and cellular backhaul applications. To date, Hughes has shipped more than 5.5 million terminals to customers in over 100 countries, representing over 50 percent market share, and its technology is powering broadband services to aircraft around the world.

Headquartered outside Washington, D.C., in Germantown, Maryland, USA, Hughes operates sales and support offices worldwide, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of EchoStar Corporation (NASDAQ: SATS), a premier global provider of satellite operations. For additional information about Hughes, please visit www.hughes.com  and follow @Hughes_Corp  on Twitter.

About EchoStar
EchoStar Corporation (NASDAQ: SATS) is a premier global provider of satellite communication solutions. Headquartered in Englewood, Colo., and conducting business around the globe, EchoStar is a pioneer in secure communications technologies through its Hughes Network Systems and EchoStar Satellite Services business segments. For more information, visit echostar.com . Follow @EchoStar  on Twitter.
©2017 Hughes Network Systems, LLC, an EchoStar company. Hughes and HughesNet are registered trademarks and HughesON and JUPITER are trademarks of Hughes Network Systems, LLC.

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