Florida Beam 359 & 360 Special

Special Limited Time Offer
On Exede High Speed Internet
To Customers Living In The Central and South Florida Beams

If You Live In North Florida, Beams 350 & 351 Click Here
     SPEEDS ON ALL PLANS:        
 12 Mbps DOWNLOAD  / 3 Mbps UPLOAD 
Choose Your Data Plan:

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High speed internet available in your community
Eight out of 10 U.S. households can get Exede internet today. So if you think you’re stuck with slow – or no – internet service because you live in a rural area or a region that other internet service providers seem to be ignoring or skipping over, think again.

Super-fast internet speeds
Exede has the speed you need to take full advantage of today’s internet: stream music and HD video, load webpages super-quick, video chat, email large files, work from home and lots more. Satellite internet speeds can meet the vast majority of your needs, bringing powerfully fast internet to you. 

Our 3-Year Price Lock Guarantee 
All Exede Internet plans have a price guaranteed not to change for three years. You can get great internet service at a price you can afford and a bill that doesn't change with the seasons.
International Satellite & Antenna Service satellite internet installation teams have installed over 6500 high speed internet systems in Florida.
How to Get Exede

Exede Satellite Internet provides high speed internet access nationwide. We bring fast wireless internet services to suburban, rural, and remote areas that are underserved by traditional wired internet service providers.
Call 1-877-331-8295 to get Exede Today!

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Ask about the New Exede Voice
"With the Exede Liberty Pass, I can do more online without incurring extra charges like I did with my old cellular service. "Bob J. Citra Florida
International satellite & Antenna service has been providing sales and service for the WildBlue/Exede high speed satellite internet system in Florida since it began in 2005. With over 6,500 installations in the ground you are assured of getting the highest level of service available both before and after the sale.ew Paragraph
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